Introducing Cantemo Portal 3.3

December 15, 2017

Portal 3.3 can now synchronise with Cantemo’s cloud hub, iconik – introducing new capabilities in sharing and collaborating. Using Rules Engine 3, content can be uploaded to iconik automatically, including either the original, proxy or thumbnails along with related metadata.

Sophisticated Access-Restriction Capabilities
CheckIn and CheckOut project functionality is new for the latest version of Portal. Upon selecting CheckOut on a project, users can restrict access to that project & ensure they have exclusive rights within Final Cut or Premiere Pro. Access can be re-enabled or unlocked once all of the user’s edits are complete.

Improvements to Metadata Application
Different default metadata groups can now be applied for different purposes. Portal 3.3 allows for separate default metadata to be set for items, subclips and collections, simplifying item categorization.

More Efficient Search and Discovery
Metadata can now be cascaded from Collections to items and even between different metadata groups. Much like automatic inheritance of metadata from ‘parent items’, this results in highly accurate searches with little added effort from the user.

Simplified Metadata Upkeep
When updating the metadata for a batch of items, Portal 3.3 is able to indicate if the metadata in any given field differs between items within that batch. Users are then incapable of unintentionally overwriting a metadata field during batch updates.