NMR at BVE 2017

March 24, 2017

NMR and key project stakeholders from ITV present ITV’s On-Air Promo Campaign Media Asset Management System at BVE 2017.

Phoenix is ITV’s fully integrated promo campaign management system. It combines a custom-built, highly intuitive web application for planning broadcast and digital ad campaigns, based upon Cantemo Portal Media Asset Management (MAM) commercial soware with Vidispine API integrations. Phoenix is the single source of truth for Marketing, Media Planning and ITV Creative and streamlines the process of creating and delivering up to 500 promos a week - multiple versions, to multiple channels, with multiple renditions.

The Phoenix platform is deployed on hybrid infrastructure, across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ITV data centres, utilising scalable cloud compute and database services, combined with robust on-premise storage and integrated with internal scheduling and rights management services.

In this session, key project stakeholders from ITV and media technology solutions provider NMR present the Phoenix application and discuss the key business and project drivers, challenges and the deployed solution.


Nick Haworth - Head of Technology, Studios, ITV plc
Alistair Gear - Solution Architect, ITV plc
Matt Scar - Director of ITV Creatives, ITV plc
Anna Waldeck Evans - Controller of Production & Operations, ITV Creative
Neil Anderson - CEO, NMR Consultancy